Welcome to Yongo Europe B.V., manufacturer of GCM men's wear and the Arrivee Always Available program.  GCM is available in GCM Originals and GCM Henderson.


We are happy to announce we've acquired the licensing rights of the labels Meantime, Mainstream and First Issue... read more 

GCM Originals

After well over 40 years, our track record of producing high quality, affordably priced shirts comes together in GCM. Available in Originals and Henderson. Classic designs with a modern finish or contemporary fashionable prints, both our spring and fall collections feature a broad range.


After requiring the licensing rights to Meantime, we are able to strengthen our knitwear collection. The customer who is used to Meantime will be pleasantly surprised to see the same quality they have been used to receiving in this brand. A happy marriage with our existing shirts collection.